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Best Car to Drive Around Los Angeles

A gentleman driving behind the wheel of a comfortable daily driver's car

The content of this article is purely subjective and based on experience of our staff and information gathered on the World Wide Web. However, we, at Legacy Car Rental in Los Angeles, believe you’ll enjoy finding out what our customers and ourselves would drive around the streets of Los Angeles, given the chance to rent a car for a day.

If you need to go for a joy ride, run an errand or simply showing up to a meeting in LA, you might want to stand out. Let’s face it, Los Angeles is famous for its opulent shopping venues, its celebrity-filled cafes, and the glamorous lifestyle; also, its tall Palm trees dancing in the breeze of wind under the golden sun, throughout most of the year.

To fit in, or for lack of better word, to stand out, you might need a car that is more of a head-turner, however, given that our beautiful LA has traffic congestions, you might also need practicality to avoid boredom and discomfort. To fully experience the freedom of those Palm trees we mentioned earlier, you might want to open the top and let your skin feel the breeze of wind. What kind of car can accommodate such experience? We think the solution is right in our inventory: The Mustang GT Convertible.

legacy car rental mustang gt red front wide

The current Mustang GT is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine that roars loud enough to make sure your presence is known by your surroundings. The It produces 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, that’s plenty for your daily drives. The Ford Co-Pilot 360, which features blind-spot monitoring and lane-keep assist makes this model very easy to drive. And above all else, not only you can fit two passengers in the backseats of this 2-door coupe and use its practical-size trunk for your stuff, but you can also automatically open its convertible top in seconds to enjoy the beautiful sunny California’s weather.

The NHTSA has given the Mustang full five stars rating for rollover protection; meaning it is one of the safest cars in its class to drive around. Of course, this is great news to us as we care about your experience as much as we care about your safety.

So, there you have it, based on our customer feedbacks and staff experience and research, we suggest you stand out with a Mustang GT Convertible if you wish to rent a nice car in Los Angeles.  

At Legacy Car Rental in Los Angeles, make sure our Mustang GT Convertible is maintained and in a great condition next time you wish to rent it from us. Please request a quote on our Request a Quote page. See you soon!

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