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The Black Dots on the Windshield of Your Vehicle Contribute to Its Safety in California

What are Black Dots on Windshields - Frit

When reviewing your vehicle, it is easy to look at the small aesthetic issues that can make your automobile look dirty. For example, many focus on the little black dots which are seen around your car windshield. While it is easy to assume these are simply for aesthetic design purposes, they play a huge role in car safety.
For anyone in California buying a car today, it makes sense to query these windshield dots. What are they? And why do these small eyesores appear to be a part of every windshield?
Drivers can find these distracting, off-putting as they try and focus on the road ahead. Lining atop your windshield, these little dots serve a very important purpose. They are known as frits, and they are essential to keeping your windshield safe, secure, and strong.
In modern vehicles, windshield glass is bonded to the vehicle using a urethane adhesive. This adds extra heft and strength to the windshield, ensuring it is properly bonded to the frame. The frit design is put in place using a simple black painted enamel. Once painted on, the frits are baked onto the glass itself. This then operates as a clear point of contact that brings your glass, the adhesive, and the frame together.
In short, these small black dots add extra durability to the frame. The aesthetic nature of the design also allows for the glass, which is baked in with a half-tone design, to be blended in better. Without the frits, there would be an obvious change in the look of the glass which has been bonded, and the rest of the frame.
Frits have been used to help disguise the bonding system used to keep the glass in place. It also helps to bring all three major components together. The end result is improved vehicle safety without getting in the way of your visibility as you drive.

Do black dots/frits wearing away become an issue for California vehicle owners?

In short, yes. If you notice the frits are beginning to fade and wear away on your vehicle, it is important they are replaced. These should become a priority for getting replaced. As soon as you notice the frits are fading, it means the adhesive which keeps the windshield glass in place could become loose. Therefore, the reality of your windshield frame falling out becomes a reality. Is this a worst case scenario? Yes, but it can take place.
As such, ignoring frits wearing away it not recommended. These black spots play a key role in keeping your vehicle on the road. They ensure that your windshield stays bonded to the vehicle without shambling or wobbling.
Thankfully, you should not have to replace the entire windshield if your black dots are fading. They can be restored by an auto garage in California. At the same time, though, if you notice signs like cracking, pitting, or limited visibility with your windshield, it should be replaced.
The simplest thing to do, if you have any concerns, is to visit an auto garage or a local mechanic. They can look over your window and provide a professional recommendation. As soon as you notice your little black spots wearing away, though, get a professional to restore/replace them ASAP.

How we care for frits on our California car rentals

At Legacy Car Rental, we take extensive time and effort to make sure that all of our vehicles have fully managed and cared for frits. Vehicle safety is paramount to our business and our philosophy. Therefore, we make sure that we take extensive time and care with every vehicle. After every rental, we review key safety aspects – including frits – to ensure they are still in perfect working condition.
As a car rental business serving Los Angeles, California, where the sunshine heats up windshields, we know customers deserve priority with regards to safety. So, we take no risks when it comes to securing the vehicle for long-term usage. Frits are something we pay close attention to on every vehicle we rent out. Therefore, if you rent a vehicle from our range, we make sure you get peace of mind that the frits are still in perfect working order.
Therefore, you have nothing to worry about with regards to the safety or durability of the windshield. With every vehicle thoroughly looked over for safety concerns, we know our vehicles are 100% road-ready every single time.

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