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Turo v. Traditional Car Rentals

While Turo certainly offers convenience to its customers, traditional car rentals still dominate the market with the support they provide. You have options when hiring a car for your vacation to Los Angeles, and those decisions can have a big influence on how you travel. These alternatives include two main ones that have been more popular recently: conventional automobile rental firms and cutting-edge peer-to-peer car-sharing… Read More »Turo v. Traditional Car Rentals

beverly hills car rental legacy los angeles county

Beverly Hills Car Rental: Legacy’s Guide

A car rental near Beverly Hills, with a great selection of cars on its fleet. Beverly Hills, tucked inside Los Angeles County’s expansive terrain, is synonymous with wealth, elegance, and splendor. This world-famous city has gained its status as a symbol of luxury and beauty, attracting people from all over the world. Beverly Hills radiates refinement, from its tree-lined streets to its luxury stores and… Read More »Beverly Hills Car Rental: Legacy’s Guide

coastal drives los angeles road trips destinations la legacy car rental

Exploring Scenic Coastal Drives: Road Trip Destinations in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, taking a road trip is an experience with countless options.  Many tourists who want for adventure, stunning scenery, and a taste of the open road dream of setting off on a coastal road trip. And where better to enjoy the splendor of coastal drives than Los Angeles, a city famed for its breathtaking coastline and varied landscapes? There are countless options for… Read More »Exploring Scenic Coastal Drives: Road Trip Destinations in Los Angeles

woman hotel house car limo rent from legacy car rental los angeles

Why Renting A Car Is Better Than Using A House Car From Your Hotel

Why Renting a Car from a Local Car Rental Company is Better than Using a House Car from Your Hotel? How you’ll get around in a new place is one of the most important considerations you’ll have to make while arranging a vacation there. Although many upscale hotels provide a “house car” service for its visitors, it might not be the ideal choice for everybody.… Read More »Why Renting A Car Is Better Than Using A House Car From Your Hotel

christmas 2022 legacy car rental los angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles around Christmas

Los Angeles is truly a unique Christmas destination. Instead of snow, you get gorgeous Los Angeles weather through the window of your car rental, which has a charm all to itself. The city of fine shopping and dining somehow becomes even more glitzy during the holiday season. Whether you’re traveling to L.A. with your family, passing through with your friends, or have lived here all… Read More »Things to do in Los Angeles around Christmas

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